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​A general cleanup of the cemetery will be held April 1 and November 15 of each year in an effort to maintain the beauty of this historic cemetery in accordance with our Rules and Regulations.

1917 Entrance

Rochester Cemetery

                                               Important Notice  

In an effort to follow Rochester Cemetery’s Rules & Regulations, an extensive clean-up will be taking place this summer. We ask for your understanding and support to complete this task.

Increased decorations and items that have been gathering for a long time have made mowing and caring for the cemetery extremely difficult and even hazardous with some items.

We ask that only two (2) items (no glass) be left at a headstone and their placement must align on the sides of the headstone so that mowing and weed-eating may be completed without interference. No flower restrictions during Memorial Day weekend.

If you are not able to remove additional items, management will use their discretion to discard items.

A copy of our Rules & Regulations may be obtained from clicking the proper tab at the top of this page. See Section 8.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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